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The Client Care Coordinator

Our client care coordinator will be your personal guide from the minute you walk into our salon, right through your checkout. They will also give you an opportunity to schedule your next reservation and remind you a few days before, so your style will always hold its shape and workability. The sole purpose of the client coordinator is to ensure your comfort throughout your entire salon experience.

Our Stylists

Thank you for choosing the Hair & Color Specialists as so many people have done since 1987. Hair & Color Specialists has become the model hair salon that all others aspire to replicate. Our systematic approach to customer services has stood the test of time.

Our time-tested commitment to excellence has proven that we will strive to make our clients look their very best through the highest degree of education. Each year, members of our salon travel throughout the world to train with the best hair stylists in the hair care profession. They bring that knowledge back to create a style that allows you to look your very best!

All of our hair designers are highly trained in all areas of the cosmetology profession. In order to become a member of our styling team, each hair designer is required to graduate from advanced training schools in hair color and hair shaping. In fact, many of our hair designers have graduated from the Vidal Sassoon™ Advanced Academy in London, England. This qualifies them for status among the elite of the hair designing community. So relax and get ready to experience the masters of the beauty profession!