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Hairstyling & Coloring

Visit Hair & Color Specialists in Jacksonville, Florida, to get the look you've always wanted. Our time-tested commitment to excellence through the highest degree of education ensures you'll have a hairstyle you'll love.


Haircuts & Shaping

Hair & Color Specialists provides hair cuts and shaping for men, women, and children. Whether you are in need of a hair treatment for a special event, or you want a sustainable, everyday hairstyle, we will style your hair just the way you like.

Color Services

Our master hairdressers at the Hair & Color Specialists prefer to use Scruples™ hair color. Our clients enjoy Scruples hair color because of the results achieved in terms of gray coverage, duration, and natural effect.

Foil Highlighting

Foil highlighting is the art of arranging packets of foil in thoughtfully designed formations containing small amounts of hair and specially formulated color. This technique is used to create special effects in the hair, ranging from a sun-kissed frosted look to a streaked or multi-colored appearance.

Corrective Color

Corrective color is the highly specialized service of the hair care profession. It is an emergency procedure used on clients who have received an undesired result by themselves or from another salon. In order to attain proficiency, a colorist must spend years of study with master colorists who possess such expertise. This is because of the diversity of issues that may occur when correcting an undesired hair color. We at the Hair & Color Specialists are proud to have three master corrective colorists on our staff.

Pricing Information

All of our prices are separated for services by Top Stylists and Master Stylist. Click here to download our prices. A Brazilian keratin treatment is also available, please call for pricing.