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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give my straight hair more body?

A great hairstyle starts with a good hair shaping. Straight hair has no bounce. Left on its own, it will hang off the head and appear flat. A good hair shaping has carefully designed angles cut into the hair, to give support to the style, much like the iron beams that support a skyscraper.

The shampoo and conditioners that you use are also important. We recommend the Matrix Amplify™ regimen. It doesn't have any heavy wax or conditioners to weigh down the hair which may be found in some shampoos on your grocery or drug store shelves. The Amplify conditioner is well-designed also. Most conditioners have a glycol base which tends to flatten the hair. The base of Amplify conditioner is made with a polymer that gives shine and body to the hair without weighing it down.

I have been coloring my own hair for six years. How can I get my color to last for more than two weeks?

Color fading is usually caused by a few factors. The most commonly, it is out of your control. The chemical compositions of the color products available to consumers are usually quite harsh, creating high levels of porosity in the hair.

If you look at a single hair under a microscope, you will see scale-like formations coating the hair. These scales are called "cuticle imbrications." Shiny hair has tight cuticle imbrications which light reflects off, creating shine. All permanent color services take place beneath the cuticle by first raising them up and depositing color molecules in the cortical fibers of the hair. After this deposit occurs, the cuticle imbrications are supposed to close down. This is all done by a chemical process. If the chemical composition of the product is too strong, the cuticle imbrications will become damaged. Therefore leaving the hair with a dull appearance. This is usually accompanied by fading.

Hair & Color Specialists use a highly professional product from Italy called Scruples™ 2001. Scruples hair color is formulated especially for shine believability and long duration.

Why does my hair always turn red when I color it?

There are several important factors to consider when coloring hair. Many of them require years of study to define the natural tone and level of hair. This is important because certain colors, such as red and gold, are exposed as hair is lightened. This is called "remaining pigment contribution." A master colorist possesses the knowledge to suppress these undesirable tones.

I colored my hair too dark. How can I make it lighter?

Unfortunately, a tint cannot lighten hair that has already been tinted. A color removal treatment must be performed in order to lighten tinted hair. This is a highly technical operation that should only be performed by a master colorist who is proficient in color removal. Hair & Color Specialists have three master colorists who are highly proficient in color removal.

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